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Harlingen has over 1,200 acres of public parks land. Below is a listing of Harlingen’s Community Parks and their amenities.

Arroyo Park

Location: 1110 New Hampshire St.
Amenities: 60 Acres consisting of 2 softball fields, 4 soccer fields, nature trails with scenic overlooks of the Arroyo Colorado, a playground, 1 multi-purpose court, 4 picnic areas, volleyball area, 1 covered picnic shelter, 1 restroom facility, 1 backstop and 4 benches.

City Lake Park/Liberty Gardens

Location: 575 N. ’76 Drive
Amenities: 8 Acres consisting of .95 mile Hike and Bike Trail, lake, meditation garden and 11 benches.

Dixieland Park

Location: 2521 S. Dixieland Rd.
Amenities: 20 Acres consisting of a playground, basketball court, park pavilion with barbeque pit, lake 1 restroom facility, 4 soccer/football fields, 2 backstops and 9 disc golf holes.

Gutierrez Jr. Veterans Memorial Park/La Placita

Location: 512 W. Harrison Street
Amenities: 2 Acres consisting of a pavilion, 9 picnic areas, 30 benches, playground, and bandstand.

Lon C. Hill/Fair Park

Location: 702 N “L” Str./Fair Park Blvd. (Across from the Harlingen Municipal Auditorium Complex)
Amenities: 93 Acres consisting of 2 playgrounds, 5 covered picnic shelters, barbeque pits, 2 basketball courts, 1 volleyball area, hummingbird and butterfly garden, 1 multi-purpose court, 6 picnic units, 4 benches, skating facility, remote control car track, 1 restroom facility and the Lon C. Hill Aquatic Center (833 sq. yds.).

McKelvey Park

Location: 1325 S. 77 Sunshine Strip
Amenities: 10.90 Acres consisting of a playground, 2 covered picnic areas, and 4 picnic tables.

Pendleton Park

Location: 1427 Morgan Blvd.
Amenities: 39 Acres consisting of 18 lighted tennis courts with pro shop (H.E.B. Tennis Center). 1 Park Pavilion with barbeque pits, 2 playgrounds, 15 picnic tables, playground equipment, 5 little league baseball fields, scenic pond, 3 picnic tables, 1 restroom facility, 2 softball fields, and the Pendleton Aquatic Center (600 sq. yds.).

Rangerville Park

Location: 1101 S Rangerville Rd.
Amenities: 26 Acres consisting of a playground, 5 soccer/athletic fields, 1 park gazebo with barbeque pit, 1 restroom facility, 4 backstops, a .90 Mile Hike and Bike Trail, 1 pavilion, 3 covered picnic tables, 2 benches, and 4 picnic units.

Vestal Park

Location: 501 Lafayette-Behind Zavala Elementary
Amenities: 14.02 Acres consisting of 3 soccer/football fields, and 1 restroom facility.

Victor Park

Location: 1501 S. “M” Street Intersection of U.S. Hwy. 77 / 83 and“M” St.
Amenities: 40 Acres consisting of 5 lighted baseball/softball fields, 6 lighted tennis courts, 3 playgrounds, a park pavilion with barbeque pit, 5 covered picnic shelters, 12 soccer/athletic fields, 4 restrooms, 20 picnic units, and the Victor Aquatic Center (1271 Sq. Yds.)

Find more information at the City of Harlingen’s Parks Department Website